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How To Be A Bible Beauty

RRP $17.99

Some people want to look beautiful, wearing the best clothes, with gorgeous hair, and pretty jewellery. But is that what beauty is all about? Anna was devoted to God and longed to meet the promised Messiah. Leah realised that skin beauty was not as important as trusting in God for your salvation and Dorcas showed her true beauty by showing God's love to others. All these stories and others like them are in the Bible. These Bible beauties can teach us how to be women of God, people with an eternal beauty that is more than skin deep!

Sleeping Beauty, Magic Master

RRP $14.99

In a faraway land, a princess named Aurora lives in a castle ...honing her enchantments amid a slumbering kingdom! When the princess was just a baby, a wicked fairy cursed the realm with unending sleep. But a kind fairy had her own spell to cast - she saved the newborn and granted the girl the gift of magic! Now, Aurora is the only one who can awaken her subjects by concocting a potion made up of the world's rarest ingredients. Faced with strange places and fantastical creatures, can Aurora succeed in her epic quest, or will the kingdom - and she - be doomed to doze forever?

Everyday Moments Hold The Most Beauty

RRP $13.99

Micropoetry is a short poetry form, which requires less than 160 characters, including all punctuation and spaces. It is challenging to convey an emotion, or an entire short story, in that small space. It is similar to a photo snapshot or a moment in time. Micropoetry is quick, gets to the point, and does not take a huge chunk of time to enjoy. It is a small bite to savor. It deserves to be recognized as a subcategory of poetry, and should be celebrated for its own nuances and quirks. Hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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